Best part

Is my parents didn't even know me. And to add to that they only have negative impressions of me always misunderstood and they don't even wonder why im always stuck inside my room just getting it all together. In all this things Knowing God had been tremendously uplifting that i still love my parents despite … Continue reading Best part

I wanted to write it all here! all my thoughts, with no formality just jot it down! that i have been experiencing the brokenness of it all! Where i wish i don't need sleep! But im hesitant. I envy people sometimes that they have someone they can run to and just lean on them i … Continue reading

So you will be what you will be Let failure find its false content In that poor word, "environment" But spirit scorns it, and is free. "It masters time, it conquers space; It cowes that boastful trickster,Chance, And bids the tyrant circumstance Uncrown, and fill a servant's place. "The human Will, that force unseen, The … Continue reading